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Our top quality net Slow feeders for hay are made with 100% knotless nylon. Nylon is the softest and strongest of the netting materials and will not cause abrasion to the teeth and gums like poly and poly blend nets can. Slow Bale Buddy's come with a patented safety fastener that eliminates the unsafe drawstring fastener of other brands, and double bound seams and openings ensure they last a long time. Whatever size or shape of hay bale you are feeding, we have a Slow feeder for you with the durability and quality you have been looking for.


The Slow Bale Buddy is the safest, best quality small mesh hay feeder on the market today. The only one with a one year warranty, it is the perfect solution for feeding horses round and square bales of all sizes.  Waste is completely eliminated and aggressive and anxious animals are calmed by having to graze and forage for their hay. Overweight animals will walk away from the hay without overeating, helping to normalize weight. Because grazing is always on the surface of the bale, it is excellent for feeding horses with breathing problems. Slow feeding benefits most animals and is the most natural way to feed hay.

Slow Bale Buddy's can be used to feed any hornless animal (horns can become caught in the netting).

  While not for use with shod horses unless used in conjunction with a solid sided feeder, the Slow Bale Buddy is completely safe for use with all horses, (even minis) as the holes are too small to get caught in. When given a choice between freely fed hay and the Slow Bale Buddy in field tests, most horses preferred to eat from the Slow Feeder.

Like the Big Bale Buddy, this feeder is durable and lightweight and will pay for itself many times over in saved hay.



The Slow Bale Buddy is a Patented Small Mesh Hay Net (SMHN) made of 100% nylon woven netting. Nylon is the softest and strongest of the netting materials and will not cause wear or abrasion to the animals teeth and muzzle like poly and poly blend nets. Nylon is extremely strong, abrasion resistant, resistant to UV rays and is naturally white (not bleached). Because of nylons natural stain resistance, the Slow Bale Buddy will wash up bright and clean at the end of the hay feeding season. Our Slow Feeders are designed to be soft on your animals muzzle while being strong enough to survive constant assault by teeth and hooves. The bottom center and the top opening are marked for visual ease when putting the Slow Bale Buddy on the hay. All seams and openings are double serged  and then nylon tape is double sewn over all seams to ensure that the seams and bindings hold up for long life and durability.  The safety fastener, which eliminates the unsafe straps and drawstrings of other designs, has rounded edges and is made from tough HPE plastic that will resist 5000 pounds of pressure.

How to use

When using your Slow Bale Buddy for the first time it is a good idea to pull hay through the netting in a few spots around the bale to help your horses get the idea that the hay must be pulled through the net to be eaten. They will learn very quickly and will be pros by the time the first bale is gone. The horse owner will be very pleased because all the hay that was purchased or harvested will be consumed, saving money, effort and time. The horses are happy because they have a constant source of hay that they can nibble and graze on in the way that nature intended. Their minds are occupied and their stomachs are soothed by the constant slow supply of food that their digestive system needs to function at optimal levels.


Nets are replaced under warranty if 16 or more strands of netting break within the first year. Occasionally small holes may appear. As small holes are easily repaired and do not affect the function of the feeder, this is not a warranty issue. To repair small holes, place both sides of the opening together and tie a double knot with strong twine at each junction of the netting until the hole is closed.

Why Choose Slow Bale Buddy?

Unlike cheaper small mesh net feeders that are made out of poly or a poly blend that can cause wear on the teeth and muzzle, (and tear easily) the patented  Slow Bale Buddy slow feeders for hay are made out 100% knotless nylon netting. Nylon is the strongest and softest of the netting materials, and will ensure that you get many years out of your feeder while not compromising your animals health and well being.   

Our unique safety fastener assures that your feeder remains securely closed while eliminating the unsafe drawstring closures of our imitators.

The netting has 1 1/2 inch openings, The best opening size for ensuring your animals get enough to eat while not overeating or wasting hay. All seams are double serged and reinforced with a double stitched, nylon binding. The net fastens with a special patented safety fastener that eliminates the dangerous drawstring closures of other small mesh slow feeders. Once fastened, it completely encloses the bale so that the animals must pull the hay through the holes in the netting to eat. 

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