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We pride ourselves on having a name equestrians trust, with the best quality Slow Feed Hay Nets and Round Bale Feeders on the market today. We back it up with our One Year Warranty, the only warranty of its kind available for net feeders. Contact us directly for quick resolution on any warranty issues.

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About us

Buddy Incorporated is a small family run business that was started in 2004. Since that time we have grown a worldwide following with happy customers in Canada, the USA, Australia the UK and Europe.

We are confident that our slow hay feeders and round bale feeders are the best quality on the market today.

Our customers are our most important asset and we strive to always make sure that you are satisfied with your purchase.

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    i just got and put the Big Bale Buddy on right away on Thursday and this is how much hay I still have left! It would have been thrown every where and in a giant mess they won't eat. Usually I was getting a new bale every 6 to 7 days but this has helped so much! Thank you!

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  • net slow feeder for horses


    I just wanted to let you know that my Slow Bale Buddy is over a year and a half old and is still going strong- with 6 horses chewing on it! I love the closure- it is so easy to use, and the horses can’t get it loose like the drawstring kind. It has saved me so much in wasted hay it has more than paid for itself.

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  • safest round bale feeder

    Love it

    Also, there was NO cleanup afterwards.  The horses ate all the hay except a little pile of hay dust that I dumped directly in the burn pile (wouldn’t even fill a coffee can).  Just the time savings alone is worth a huge amount to me.  I ordered one Big Bale Buddy.

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At Bale Buddy we are proud supporters of all rescues who work tirelessly to provide shelter and hope for our four legged friends . As such our feeders are always half price to all registered farm animal and/or horse rescues and shelters. To take advantage of this offer please contact us directly at 866-389-9952 or by email:

Please visit our RESCUE BUDDY'S page to find a rescue near you if you would like to reach out and help our four legged friends.

New Dealers always welcome

We are always happy to hear from retail stores in Canada and the USA who would like to provide our unique, patented, warranty backed Bale Buddy feeders to their customers. International stores, please contact the distributor for your country. International Distributors can be found at the bottom of our Retail Outlets page. We are also Happy to hear from new international distributors. If you feel that our products would sell well in your country, please contact us for more info.